Driveway Demolition Considerations

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Your driveway is the first thing people see when they visit your home, so it’s undoubtedly one of the first impressions you’ll be making on people visiting your space. Just like other parts of your home, over time, due to freezing, thawing and natural weathering, the surface integrity of your driveways gets compromised leading to unwanted and cracks and surface inconsistencies. This is normal, but it’s also something you want to fix right away before water seeps through and weakens the foundation of the driveway. In order to maintain your driveway here are some driveway demolition considerations.

How do you decide when to demolish the old driveway?

For starters, you have to do a careful inspection of the driveway. Check out the number of cracks and discern how badly it’s been damaged. Then address things like: Does your car always hit one bump or another when you’re backing out? Are the cracks large enough to trap your vehicle tires? Does the driveway appear disintegrated? If yes, then it’s certainly time to remodel your driveway so don’t hesitate to get the job done.

The three main steps to any driveway demolition are:


  1. Inspection: Once you contact a demolition expert, they will conduct a full assessment. This enables the experts to evaluate what they’re dealing with and allow them to create an effective and efficient plan of action. During the inspection process, it’s important to understand that each driveway is different. For example, some cement driveways are best demolished in large chunks, while this might not be applicable to driveways built with other materials. So, an inspection is crucial for a customized demolition plan and an estimate of the project cost.
  2. Demolition: After the inspection, the next step is to schedule a demo. Scheduling a time enables you to prepare and notify your neighbors and your family about the upcoming construction. Often, a powered saw is used to accurately divide the driveway into planned out segments to ensure proper sections are demolished and unharmed sections are not altered. A jackhammer is used to break away the segments for demolition, while the sturdy segments are left undamaged.
  3. Clean-up: Last but not the least, the old chunks of a demolished driveway needs to be removed without causing any further damage to your property. While most demolition crews will avoid affecting any other property areas (like your gardens), the use of heavy equipment may cause some minor level disturbance to the surrounding areas. But, conducting a thorough clean-up the demolished waste will ensure the waste is removed from your property making room for a new driveway.

Always remember to watch inconsistencies in your driveway for your safety. Plus, a well-kept driveway will leave a good impression and ensure the safety of your vehicle. For your commercial driveway demo consultation, contact us today!


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