Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Demolition Contractor

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A demolition project can be a part of an effort to renovate an old building or to restore a structure after an accident like a fire. Regardless of the reasons, a demolition project is an important one that needs to be carried out with utmost care and caution. This means that you need to hire a trusted contractor. To make your life easier here are some top questions to ask before hiring a demolition contractor:

How much is the project going to cost?

This question will help you get an estimate and by asking a few contractors you can get multiple opinions before selecting a contractor that you find fitting. But remember that a low price does not guarantee a good job. Always be flexible with your budget because the overall cost is always subject to change. Just make sure your contractor tells you about all the costs involved, to avoid any possible hidden costs.

What are your safety procedures?

To make sure nobody and nothing is harmed during your demolition project you need to be aware of the safety measures. While, the safety of workers, pedestrians and property must be the number one priority of any demolition contractor, different contractors have different approaches. Ask your contractor to describe their safety procedures and check that they cover all the boxes, including equipment and site-specific concerns.

Do you offer insurance?

Though a demolition contractor is equipped to handle what they take on, there is always the possibility of several things that could go wrong. In case of any unforeseen damage to your property, having an insured contractor will mean that all covered damages will be dealt with. This makes the contractor accountable and offers your property legal protection, leaving you free of any unforeseen expenses.

Do you have a license? What previous experience do you have?

Hiring a contractor without a license is the worst mistake you could make. Never be afraid to ask about their license and previous experience because this will help you decide whether they are qualified to be your contractor.

How do you deal with hazardous waste products?

Many times during a demolition project, hazardous waste like asbestos, lead or mold are uncovered. Only hire a contractor that is licensed with a clear set of guidelines on how to remove and dispose of such substances, because if the contractor is incapable of handling such situations, your project will suffer from several setbacks.

What kind of payment plan do you have?

Before any project it’s best you’re on the same page with deliverables and payments. You don’t want to surprise or be surprised by the contractor, so make sure that the contractor has a payment plan that enables you to pay them as work is completed. This will make sure you aren’t stuck with prepaying the contractor and the contractor won’t feel like they are doing more than the established set of deliverables.

Do you have a recycling policy or plan?

Not all that is demolished is a waste. A lot of the time, windows, wood and other materials can be recycled or reused. Inquire if your contractor has plans to work in accordance with Virginia’s Solid Waste Program. If they say yes, then that means you will be getting some cash in the process and hiring a responsible contractor.

Ask these questions before hiring a demolition contractor and smoothen your demolition project experience! RJ Smith Companies is glad to partner with you on your demolition project.

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  • Levi Armstrong

    Rachel, I like your tip about asking the contractor what their safety procedures first before signing a contract with them. My parents left me with an old property uptown that I’d like to turn into a modern vacation home, and I’ve been looking for a reputable demolition contractor. I’ll make sure to follow all your tips when I start to talk to the contractors in our city. Thanks a lot!

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