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Looking for a demolition contractor? Well, we appreciate your wise decision of handing over the task to a professional. But, with a number of major safety and environmental concerns associated with demolition, you can’t trust every demolition contractor out there.

The chaotic and disordered job calls for a great deal of planning and preparation.  From gaining permits to following safety codes, there is a lot to do before starting a demolishing project.

Hence it is essential to have the right demolition contractor with skill and expertise to meet all the safety and logistical aspects associated with the demolition of commercial and residential buildings.

Along with this, there are many aspects of a contractor’s qualities that you need to consider before going forward. Here are some effective tips that will lead your way to an efficient contractor for your demolition project.

Ask for an estimate

First of all, you need to ask for an estimate before deciding on a demolition contractor. It will make the process of comparing contractors a bit easier for you and also help you to narrow down your list.  Most of the contractors will give you an estimate for free and carefully look for the finer detail once you have an estimate. A right contractor will offer you a competitive price and great service.

Check if the company has a track record of completing projects on time

A timeline is an incredibly important factor for any demolition project. You may have a deadline for completing the new building, and you can’t start building until the demolition is finished. Check the company’s track record for finishing projects on time to make sure that they can meet up your timeline needs. So, ask for a timeline from a contractor, and you will know which ones are organized and progressive for the job at hand.

Look for the experienced one

Demolishing is a bit of complicated process that can unleash a whole host of potentially toxic substances. Hence, it is crucial to hire a commercial demolition contractor who is qualified to deal with such hazardous materials. The experience of contractors speaks volume about their knowledge and ability to handle the project.

Also, every demolition job is different, and hence it is wise to look for professional with years of experience in demolishing industry. You need to verify the experience before hiring the contractors by talking with past references of clients. Ask about how the demolition contractor acted in response to complaints of dust and noise pollution. Find out how they work and train their staff to deal with the demolition job effectively.

Check for any warnings, citations, or violations

Another sign of a good demolishing contractor is a good history of compliance.  Check whether the company has any warnings, citations, or violations of safety and environmental issue with local and federal authorities. If yes, just forbid the contractor and look for the one with a better compliance record.

Talk to the past clients

It becomes difficult to get who is reliable when everyone boasts of their quality and expertise. Speaking to the past clients is a great way to distinguish the wheat from the chaff. Ask their past clients about their experience with the contractor and out if they faced any major safety issue. Get to know whether they completed the project on time and budget.

Analyze the safety record

Commercial demolition can be extremely hazardous unless you have certified safety experts on site. You can be liable if anyone is injured on the site while the building is being torn down. So, it is very important to know whom you can trust, and a safety record will help you in deciding whether the company is reliable or not. The people and properties near the site are vulnerable to the hazards released during a demolition.  So, look for the demolition contractor with a good safety record.

Make sure the contractor is bonded, licensed and insured

Demolition is a perilous job, and that is why it’s essential for the workers to have the experience and training to carry it out safely. Hence, ask contractors for proof of license and insurance to protect yourself against liability. The demolition contractor that you are planning to hire must be bonded, licensed and insured.

Find out if they have updated equipment

Along with a well-trained crew, updated equipment is also crucial for demolition. Tools like concrete crushers and high-reach excavators, concrete crushers are imperative for any demolition work and should be provided by the demolition contractor. Furthermore, the crew should know how to operate the most advanced technologies on the job site.

Look out for whether they will provide clean-up services after demolition

Another key factor that you must look for while hiring a contractor is the cleanup service after demolition. Check the quotes that are drawn by the contractors to find out if it also includes the cleanup service.  It can be difficult for you to deal with the rubble and damage after demolition and having a contractor who provides this service will reduce your hassle.


Some contractors prefer to do all the work themselves while others sub out some specialized parts of the job. Ask if the contractors you are planning to hire uses subcontractors. If yes, make sure to know what parts of the job will be handled by subcontractors.

Lastly, leave the work to the contractors

Accomplishing a demolition needs detailed and meticulous planning. So, instead of attempting to do it on your own, you should hire a responsible contractor. Planning the demolition permits and permission is something to be left to the contractor.

Wrapping Up

Each demolition project has its own challenge.  So, it is vital to select a contracting team that is confident enough to handle even the most complex demolition project. Make sure the demolishing professional you are hiring is well versed in the regulations related to demolition.

With these mind-blowing tips, you are sure to find the right demolition contractor for your next project. If you’re planning some demolition work, consider RJ Smith Demolition, a highly skilled demolition expert to get the job done in a right and hassle-free way.


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