Why Choose Professional Demolition Services Over DIY Demolition?

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when an old structure such as an old office room, swimming pool, or an old driveway needs to be demolished for renovation. And when it comes to demolishing a structure, you have two options – DIY or hire a professional demolition contractor.

No doubt DIY demolition projects can save you a lot of money. But breaking concrete is not as easy as it seems. You need the right equipment, experience and expertise to get the job done without causing any damage. Even a single minor error can lead to much higher price tags and even worse, can injure you or damage your property.

This is where professional demolition services help.

Benefits of professional demolishing contractors

Here are the benefits of seeking professional help when embarking on a demolishing project:


Demolishing carries a risk to life and property. Amateur or inexperienced demolishing contractors are more likely to experience and cause injuries and botched operations. They risk not only their lives, but also that of their neighbors. Moreover, for DIY demolishing, you require permits and licensing to carry out a dangerous project.

Hiring a professional contractor means all your assets and lives of you’re the building occupants is safeguarded. These professionals take the ‘safety’ very seriously. They take care of the correct security-related paperwork themselves and follow the most effective safety standards during the operation. You can relax as there is no security issue with professionals that may delay your project.


Any construction and demolition work has to be performed in strict compliance. A professional company understands the importance of all basic and complex rules that need to be followed during a demolition project. They employ trained professionals and hold a good deal of experience in this field, which ensures that all rules and regulations are met properly.

So by hiring professionals, you can avoid possible penalties. Apart from adhering to compliance, these companies ensure that all required paperwork is taken care of properly.


If you think you can undertake a demolition project, especially a large one, with only a standard sledgehammer, you are mistaken. Furthermore, you may lack the knowledge of the most effective techniques to employ for your project. Using the right tools and techniques is important to ensure a quick and safe job.

Professional demolishing crews are always equipped with tools and techniques to take down any structure effectively. These experts have access to high-grade equipment and techniques such as hydraulic bursting and crunching that will help deliver a successful demolition project within the predefined timeframe.


Apart from safety concerns, demolition can have a major impact on the environment. Taking care of the environment is important not only because of strict regulation, but also for the security of human health. Demolition results in a lot of debris, dust and risk material. These operations may end up hiring the environment greatly if proper care is not taken.

A professional demolition contractor has highly-trained staff who can handle these dangerous materials as asbestos. Alternatively, they work with other professional companies who can handle this material. They handle the removal of hazardous material and take necessary measures to minimize the impact of the entire demolition operation on the environment. They also prevent groundwater from being contaminated by this material when required.


Chances are when you start demolishing a structure on your own; you may get frustrated by the intensive labor work involved. You may give up your will and leave half the job done. Or say you want to remove one wall in a room and later discover that you’ve demolished the supporting wall. Just imagine! An incorrect demolition may cause irreparable damage to your structure.

To ensure that your finished project looks the way you pictured it, hire professionals who can perfectly execute the job. Don’t compromise your project when you can easily avoid any problem.


If you’re not experienced at demolition work, you may find undertaking your project all on your own a more time-consuming task than you first anticipated. You may end up halting the progress if something goes wrong.

So if you want to accomplish the project within the strict timeline, hiring a professional demolition contract is the best option. These professionals make sure that the job is done efficiently and timely without having you break a sweat.


Demolishing projects have to strictly work within fixed boundaries in order to avoid areas of the property that are not being demolished. A professional demolition team consciously maps out the property lines to avoid encroaching on unwanted areas of your property and your neighbor’s space.


Every demolition project, small or big, ends up causing a lot of debris and waste. A professional demolition contractor pairs demolition services with waste management services to provide you a complete solution. Their staff frees you up from the cleansing process and helps you get rid of all the waste from the site. More importantly, they help to recover all reusable materials such as iron and steel that can be valuable within the rubble.


Some risks associated with demolition may be apparent beforehand. Many of these risks can be avoided using simple common sense. However, many of these potential dangers are not apparent and need professional eyes and hands. Remember that even small and uncomplicated projects can become surprisingly nasty for people who don’t know how to assess risks in advance and how to make a property safety plan to eliminate all potential pitfalls.

Professionals have experience working on various kinds of projects, residential and commercial. They are familiar with the possible risks involved in every demolishing project and keep the tools and techniques handy to deal with them.


If you want to ensure that your demolition project goes smooth, safe and fast without breaking any regulation, let the professionals handle it.

To get access to all these benefits, contact RJ Smith Demolition, highly-trained and professional demolition contractor.


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