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Some people wait around for hours to see a building topple, while others can’t wait for the noise and work to be done. Despite what side you choose, everyone can agree that public safety is imperative when it comes to a demolition job. At RJ Smith, we ensure that all practices and procedures are centered around safety on and around a jobsite but being “good enough” isn’t good enough for us.

The more information the public has on precautionary actions around a demolition site, the safer everyone is throughout the process.


Make sure contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured

If you’re the owner or the general contractor of a demolition project, it is important to know if the demo company is capable and prepared to do the job. Licensure shows that the company is qualified to perform the work, bonds ensure that it will be done in professional way, and insurance covers any issues that may arise. Though this may take time and effort in the beginning of the process, it is helpful to your bank account and the project to know upfront.


Do not enter jobsites

You should never enter a jobsite for any reason. Any demolition space should be blocked off to prohibit the public from entering- whether it’s accidental or with intent for criminal activity. Theft does not just pertain to construction materials; it includes taking “mementos” from the space being demolished as well. Not only could you get in trouble for trespassing, but you could endanger lives- including your own.  It is also important to make sure that children are not playing in or around the jobsite. What begins as curiosity could end as a fatal accident. A variety of products go into the making of a building and you could be unaware of what has been exposed during the demolition process.


Completion and Restoration

With proper safety procedures put into place and cooperation from all parties involved, a demolition project can reach completion fluidly. Project completion allows for the start of site restoration or new building construction. Many facilities that have been demolished now serve as green spaces, recreational areas, or new facilities with a better suited community use.


If the public is informed and prepared when a demolition site takes place near their homes, everyone can benefit from a safer work environment. For a “clean and green” demolition, contact RJ Smith Demolition!


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  • cuttingtechnologies

    Absolutely! Demolition methods can range from one devastating blast to careful, piece-by-piece dismantling, but in a crowded urban setting, any technique must be safe for the demolition crew and the surrounding buildings and public areas.

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