Demolishing Myths in the Industry

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Demolition is like any other profession: there are common misconceptions surrounding the work performed in the industry. But unlike the work of doctors, lawyers, and police officers, these stereotypes aren’t based upon experiences from a television show…there is just simply no coverage on what we do.

  1. There is no skill to demolishing a building, just about anyone can do it.


Our teams carry significant training and certificates in OSHA 10, OSHA 30, OSHA 510, Confined spaces, Competent person, Heavy Equipment, RLD, VDOT E&S Control, CPR, First Aid, Flagging, and have also been through the lead and asbestos awareness trainings. Safety is so engrained in our culture, we also have AHERA Asbestos Supervisors on staff so that no detail is overlooked. This is just a fraction of what they must be familiar with before even stepping foot onto a demolition site. Though it might initially seem like an easy task, there are many techniques and pieces of equipment that must be mastered to properly perform the job.


  1. Demolition is detrimental to the environment.


Every demolition project begins with a survey to determine if hazardous materials are present. Our team assesses the survey and identifies if hazards such as asbestos, lead or PCBs are present and if so, determines the best possible solution to removing these products safely with no adverse effect on the environment! Throughout the project, all materials are separated by type into stockpiles. All recyclable materials are then carried to recycling facilities, or directly made into new product, like our Recycled Concrete Aggregate. After completion of the demolition and clearing of materials, we use dirt to backfill the foundation and footings. We neutralize any erosion impact by applying seed and straw to the project site, leaving a clean lot for its intended purpose.


  1. Demolition only serves to destroy property.


While demolition does contrast with the concept of deconstruction, it doesn’t mean that demolition aims only to destroy property. Partial residence demolition is possible in certain cases, in which experience of the crew is very important. A building may have become unsafe due to a natural disaster or extreme damage, with demolition making it the most viable option. This protects those living or working around the structure. Recyclable materials from all demolitions go towards the creation of another product, and many of the recycled products remain local, continuing to develop our own communities and businesses.


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