RJ Smith Demolition provides asbestos removal, lead removal, residential and commercial services in all of Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland.  We are highly trained and certified team capable of performing any abatement project in a safe and efficient manner. Asbestos, Lead and PCB’s were widely used in building construction until about the 1980’s.The EPA and other Health Organizations identified the potential harmful effects the materials may have on humans. Due to improving medical research, these materials became heavily restricted, phased out or banned outright.

What do I do first?

Unless the material is deteriorating, which can be identified as crumbling or chipping, the material may not actively be a health hazard. If construction or renovation is the plan, the first step is to call and speak to our certified inspectors to setup a Hazardous Materials Assessment. Upon receipt and review of the assessment, our estimators will contact you to discuss a proposal and material removal plan.

What happens during abatement?

The first step in the abatement process is to ensure that proper permitting and notifications are in place with the regulating authorities. After the notification periods have elapsed our certified team of professionals will arrive on site to begin abatement activities. The teams will begin the establishment of regulated areas, prohibiting access to any unnecessary traffic and ensuring that the owner, the public, and our crews are properly protected. Once a safe working environment is established our teams will begin the removal of the material and dispose of them in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.

The Final Product

After abatement has concluded and third party monitors have provided visual clearance, demolition or renovation activities can proceed. Our experienced team of demolition professionals has already begun their permitting and notification process. This allows for a seamless transition into demolition activities keeping your project ahead of schedule. Visit our demolition pages to learn more information about the demolition process.

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