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Commercial demolition consists of the dismantlement of Office Buildings, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Retail buildings, etc. The demolition of these buildings are necessary as developments become old and outdated. A change of scenery is an essential way to regain consumer traffic.

Returning a commercial or industrial site to a flat surface is a complex task. RJ Smith Demolition’s experienced staff is able to complete your project with surgical precision. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you every step of the way!

Where Do I begin?

Both commercial and residential demolition follow a very similar protocol. The disconnection of all utilities is imperative before we can begin a project. In addition, every demolition project must have a survey done to determine if hazardous materials are present.

Our team assesses the survey and identifies if hazards such as asbestos, lead or pcbs are present. Our team then determines the best possible solution to removing these products safely with no adverse effect on the environment! Once our staff verifies the utilities are disconnected and hazardous materials removed, we are ready to begin the demolition process.

What can I expect?

Commercial Demolition begins with interior demolition if the facility is structurally sound. Our crews remove everything from ceiling tile, to sheet rock, to any electrical components or HVAC equipment. This allows our team to streamline waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Following interior demolition, our crews prepare for the structural aspect of the project. Many commercial properties are in close proximity to or connected to other commercial buildings. Our skilled teams analyze the project to assure that there will be no damage to other properties. The crews set up barricades, and safe zones to corridor off the area, protecting the owner, the public and our crews. After establishing a safe zone our experienced operators can begin systematically dismantling the building components. They begin with nonstructural elements and sort them for disposal at proper facilities. The demolition of the roof, building, foundation and footings then follow.

What happens to the materials from the demolition project?

During the project, our team separates all materials into stockpiles it according to the locations they are being taken. Our professional drivers take any product that is recyclable to one of our recycling facilities. For more information on our recycling centers, please visit RJ Smith Materials. Unrecyclable materials are disposed of at area landfills.

The Finished Product

After completion of the demolition and clearing of materials, we use fill dirt to backfill the foundation and footings. We neutralize any erosion impact by applying seed and straw to the project site, leaving a clean lot for your intended purpose.

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