RJ Smith Demolition has over 20 years of valuable experience completing full residence, partial residence, unsafe structure, and out building demolitions. Residential demolition may need to occur for several reasons:

  • A customer could purchase the property and be looking to start fresh
  • The residence may have become unsafe due to fire or other natural disaster, requiring demolition.
  • Development plans may require the demolition of the property.

Whatever the cause, RJ Smith Demolition can handle any Residential Demolition with the result being a happy customer.

Where to begin?

As with any new project, there are processes and procedures that must followed for a Residential Demolition to be successful. A phone conversation with our experienced and knowledgeable estimators will begin the process. It is required that a Hazardous Materials Assessment be done on the residence. Once completed our estimator will make an appointment to review the residence and provide a proposal.

What happens during the demolition?

Prior to demolition activities beginning, RJ Smith Demolition will obtain a permit from the locality, and proper notification procedures will take place to the EPA and locality. If any Hazards exist, abatement work is completed and utilities are disconnected. Our experienced crews will then move in to complete the Demolition process.

Our team will begin with the interior of the building (if structurally sound). Removing all waste and recyclables. We insure that all of our demolition projects are environmentally friendly. After the interior is finished, we will begin the skeletal structure of the building. Again separating materials to streamline waste and recyclables.

What happens to the materials from the demolition?

During the project, our team separates all materials into stockpiles according to the locations they are being taken. Our professional drivers take any product that is recyclable to one of our recycling facilities. For more information on our recycling centers, please visit RJ Smith Materials. Unrecyclable materials are disposed of at area landfills.

The final product

If the Owner has plans to rebuild on the property, select fill material will be used to backfill the foundation. Our crews will finish up by applying grass seed and straw to the area to neutralize any erosion impact.

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