Civil Construction projects range from new development to redevelopment of property. One obstacle in any civil project is the potential for structural remnants on the site. Another could be an existing parking lot or other developed areas. Our strong background in civil construction has allowed us to transition into site demolition projects with a seamless transition.

Site demolition can consist of many different aspects. Existing Utilities like storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water lines and duct banks become outdated or no longer needed. Asphalt or concrete parking lots, sidewalks, brick pavers, may need to be removed for future development or partially removed for additions. RJ Smith Demolition is equipped with standard and specialty equipment to handle any type of travelling surface. With any site, there is the potential for structural building elements to remain.

Footings, foundations and other building elements could potentially be hidden underneath the surface. Our crews are equipped with hydraulic breakers, concrete densifiers, and other rubblization equipment to remove anything the ground may hide.

Another aspect of site demolition can be classified as underground storage tank removal and contaminated soil removal. RJ Smith Demolition has a highly skilled and experienced staff that can take control of these potential hazards and mitigate any substantial risk. Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) must first be tested upon discovery. The contents of the UST and the soil around the tank must both be tested. After the results are discussed and proper permits are obtained, our team of certified professionals can safely remove and dispose of the contents within the tank and then clean the tank. After the tank has been properly cleaned, it can either be filled with flowable fill and left in place, or it can be removed, deconstructed and taken to the proper disposal facility. Contaminated soils are excavated and disposed of at a proper facility, where they are cleaned and repurposed.

Let RJ Smith Demolition repurpose your site today.

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