Within RJ Smith our accomplishments are achieved by the powerful allegiance to SAFETY that is derived by all employees. Our innovative approach to SAFETY creates vast opportunities for prosperity that is unparalleled throughout the industry.

RJ Smith Companies is a firm believer in all of our employee’s well-being and safety. Every job and or task that is performed at RJ Smith is met with the foremost demolition safety practices and procedures. Our rigorous training and awareness programs allow for our employees to rest assured that they will return home to their families safely and comfortably. Safety is a core value that is instilled company wide through each and every individual. The well-being and safety of all employees and job sites at R J Smith Companies is our highest priority. This comprehensive core value starts at the top and is achieved by adhering to the following practices:

  • Crews identifying and minimizing risks with a detailed plan each morning before starting work.
  • Demolition safety standards implemented well above the basic requirements.
  • Constantly adding innovative safety practices and techniques.
  • Assuring that our subs are embracing safety to the standards of R J Smith Companies.

Safety steps and procedures are not only utilized throughout the day but after the work day is completed. We strive to assist other companies that work along side us to embrace safety and recognize the rewards that follow. Here at RJ Smith Companies our customers acknowledge the strong commitment and clear vision of a safe working environment. We challenge ourselves to be innovative with new safety practices and techniques that will develop a better and more efficient way of production. We are strong believers in learning from previous mistakes that have occurred in the industry and approach them as opportunities for growth. No incident or accident is over looked. We complete an extensive analysis of the situation and discover the cause. Solutions are created to eliminate any further hazards. Applying Safe work practices is a major contribution towards individual and company success. A 100% commitment to safety is a critical core value that can only be achieved through the efforts of each and every employee. We take great pride in our accomplishments that can only be achieved with the sincere belief that safety is our # 1 priority.

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